Neuro Queer Book Club

Neuro Queer Book Club

Neuro Queer Book Club 08 JanuarJan 2024 19:0020:30adresse, by, land

The book Neuroqueer Heresies by Nick Walker is about the intersection of queer and neurodiversity.


In the book club we meet every second week from January to April 2024, each time to talk about 2-3 chapters from the book.


The book is in English language and in the book club we speak English to include non-Danish speakers.


When: 19:00-20:30 every second Monday, January 8 – April 29 2024.


The book:


It is a small book club of max 6 people.

Sign up here:

If too many people sign up, we may start a second book club.


Recommendation: If you identify as queer and neurodivergent and look for a community in Denmark, there is a fb community here: